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nehkyle royes 

Activity-based therapy


May 2019


Austin pille

Activity-based therapy 


The Sterling Thomas Push Push Pray Foundation is pleased to play a part in sponsoring an episode of Austin's activity-based therapy journey through REACT Neuro-Rehab.


stevie farris

Activity-based therapy  


"Stevie did a great job over the last two weeks. She made some great improvements in her sitting posture and balance! We wish her the best in her continued recovery and hope to see her back here soon! 
Thanks again to the Push Push Pray Foundation for giving her the chance to be here."

     -Facebook post by NextStep Kansas City 



Pool Deck


"Thank you to the foundation for our grant for the labor to build our pool deck."

Kim & Stephen Galegor


Theodore rahm



I want to thank you for helping me acquire these braces. This is going to make a big difference in my life, and I am so thankful for the help that you've given me. Most of all I wanted to thank you for getting back to me and then coming up with the money that it takes too to buy these braces. You and your organization provide a wonderful service for people who are in need, and I'm sure you're going to go on to help a lot more people. I will never forget the help that you've given me. God bless you all.



Theodore Rahm





Nov 1, 2018


Dear Push Push Pray Foundation,

I really cannot begin to adequately express my gratitude for your generosity. The daily grind in the disabled world can put a big hurt on your pocketbook with the exceedingly higher costs for equipment, medicine, modifications, and more. The Push Push Pray Foundation lifted a huge financial burden off of my shoulders by purchasing this shower chair for me. For years I had replaced part after part on my original shower chair, but after 10 years of daily use it was finally rendered inoperable. I was really in a pickle and you guys came through in a big, big way. Sometimes you just need to catch a break, no matter how big or small, when life seems to have you square in its sights. That break for me came directly on the heels of your approval for my shower chair grant. You will now have an impact on the quality of my day-to-day life and I am very grateful. We all pray for breakthroughs that might diminish our disabilities, but until then foundations like yours will continue to play a vital role in the lives of those in need of aid to help ease the monotonous daily routines that our disabilities demand. So, again I say thank you. Thank you for dedicating your time to helping people like myself. Thank you for being so wonderful to work with in the process of receiving the grant. Thank you for impacting my life in a very positive way. I pray that each of you are blessed for putting in the effort warranted to positively impact those in need.


God Bless,

Seth Penny




EMEKa nnaka 



Emeka Nnaka is a survivor of a spinal cord injury which occurred in 2009. The then 21-year-old, Oral Roberts University student was making a tackle as a defensive end for the Oklahoma Thunder semi-professional football team in a game at Fayetteville, AR when he sustained the injury. 

Emeka requested assistance from the Sterling Thomas Push Push Pray Foundation to obtain Active Hands gripping gloves to use in lifting weights and for his personal training. 

Active Hands "gripping aids" provide people with reduced hand function the ability to grip and hold tightly onto objects, such as gym equipment, and promote self-sufficiency in many activities. 

Emeka will use the gripping gloves to support his ongoing endeavor of making physical activity a priority in maintaining his health and wellness.


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